WLSDM: Native WebLogic Monitoring & Diagnostics


Reporting WebLogic Server JMX MBean Values Tutorial


Reports / Metric Reports:

Easy, fast and responsive Oracle WebLogic monitoring & diagnostics. WLSDM uses the metric harvester engine to collect report data and dashboard data. Dashboards store only last 24 hours JMX MBean values. For enabling unlimited data storing go to:

Configuration / Metric Browser

Click 'Edit' button and switch store data to ON / OFF:

WLSDM - WebLogic Server Metric Reports: Query WebLogic JMX MBean Values

  1. Select metrics
  2. Select metric instances
  3. Choose date range
  4. Click on 'Get Report'

It's possible to export data as following formats:

  1. Copy (Clipboard)
  2. CSV
  3. Excel
  4. PDF
  5. Print

On 'Report Chart' tab, you can display charts in different chart types and also it's possible to print the chart.

WLSDM: WebLogic Server Metric Reports. Easy, fast and responsive monitoring & diagnostic. To check out other features: wlsdm.com/download/ WLSDM is a WebLogic Server conslole extension. So we call it native monitoring.

WLSDM installation takes just minutes and completely free in WebLogic development mode! Try it now.

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