Native WebLogic Monitoring & Diagnostics

WLSDM is a WebLogic console extension that enables monitoring for WebLogic MBean metrics. WLSDM for Oracle WebLogic is developed for the best WebLogic developers and administrators to support mission-critical high available domains to complete operational excellence of middleware application support teams. WLSDM supports all plain Oracle WebLogic domains and Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW) WebLogic domains such as Oracle ADF, SOA Suite, Oracle Service Bus (OSB), Business Intelligence (OBIEE), E-Business Suite (EBS), Oracle Utilities Application Framework (OUAF)... etc.

  • using WLSDM:

    You are able to see and understand what is happening inside your WebLogic domain. "WLSDM for WebLogic" console extension is the best way to reflect your WebLogic knowledge to the mission-critical WebLogic domains. You can monitor WebLogic states, health status and back-end activites (SQL, EJB, JAXWS...) easily and real fast. WLSDM never creates additional load on your JVM instances. WLSDM reads the WebLogic domain and recommends important metrics to monitor then you can visualize and create custom alarms for your WebLogic domains. Move forward your service and WebLogic administration quality!

  • Copy WLSDM

    Copy WLSDM file to WebLogic "${DOMAIN_HOME}/console-ext" folder.

  • Restart AdminServer

    Restart WebLogic admin server then WLSDM will deploy automatically. WLSDM portlet will be visible on the WebLogic domain console.

  • Start proactive monitoring now!

    Start native monitoring by using WLSDM console. WLSDM will generate notifications and dumps instantly.

Smart Dashboards: WebLogic Health Monitoring

Server States

Deployment States

Data Source States

JMS States

Important WLSDM Features

For the first installation, WLSDM reads your WebLogic domain and recommends important metrics to collect and offers to specify thresholds for alarm generation. In three steps you can enable monitoring for your WebLogic domain.
wlsdm weblogic monitoring wizard

By using WLSDM you can monitor your mission-critical WebLogic domains in any device. Mobile phones, Computers, TV Screens… Project to a TV screen, then let WLSDM take care of remaining. All the WLSDM capabilities can control easily via smart mobile phones.

Our clients project WLSDM Health Dashboard page to their Level-1 data center TVs.

wlsdm weblogic console responsive UI | mobile monitoring | iphone | android | ios
WLSDM can store WebLogic domains JMX MBean metric data (OpenSocketsCurrentCount, ActiveConnectionsCurrentCount... etc.), Back-end data (Long running JDBC SQLs, EJB, JAXWS, Socket I/O, File I/O... etc.) historically. It is very easy to see old alarms and data and analyze the root cause. For this feature, WLSDM does not require any 3rd party database requirement or additional server, operational costs.
wlsdm weblogic monitoring stor JMX MBean Object values | Datasource | Derby | Database | Embedded
Just configure JMX metric value thresholds according to your WebLogic domains, then WLSDM generates ALERT and CLEAR notifications. WLSDM has a robust alarm mechanism that has counter, clear, alert... mechanisms.
wlsdm weblogic jmx metric monitoring and notifications | SMTP | SNMP | OpenSocketsCurrentCount | ActiveConnectionsCurrentCount | ActiveSessionsCurrentCount
Monitor and report your slow traces and track them via ECID. Analyzing slow transactions and detecting root causes is very easy while using WLSDM.
wlsdm oracle weblogic slow traces and transaction profiling
WLSDM monitors application response times for each WebLogic managed servers. It is possible to enable threshold for the URIs and generate notifications automatically. WLSDM able to calculate average response times for the given URI and then generate alarm notifications. You can also view, monitor and search WebLogic access logs (HTTPAccessLog) on WLSDM console.
wlsdm weblogic application response times monitoring
It is very easy to monitor backend systems by using WLSDM Back-end monitoring module.

  • JDBC Statement Execute (SQLs)
  • EJB Business Method Invoke
  • Webservices JAXWS Endpoint
  • Servlets
  • Socket I/O (Outbound HTTP Endpoints)
  • File I/O
  • ...

wlsdm weblogic backend monitoring JDBC | SQL | EJB | Webservices | JAXWS | Servlets | Socket | File | I/O
View and monitor WebLogic Server logs on WLSDM web console. Get EMAIL and SNMP log notifications instantly. Dead Lock, Heap Space, Stuck Thread, Unchecked Exception, General Severity Error logs with stack traces and thread dumps are attached to notifications emails.
wlsdm weblogic log monitoring web console
Use "JVM System Resources" smart dashboard page and monitor HEAP (Memory) and CPU usage. WLSDM able to monitor AdminServer and ManagedServer's JVM heap usage, JVM CPU usage, server(machine) CPU usage...
wlsdm weblogic monitoring jvm system resources
Get below profiling and diagnostic dumps instantly or automatically:

  • JVM Thread Dump (Stack Trace)
  • Heap (Memory) Dump
  • WLDF Diagnostic Image
  • Java Flight Recorder (JFR)

Fire user-defined scripts by triggering WLSDM custom actions feature!

wlsdm weblogic profiling dumps jfr | heap | wldf | thread dump | stack trace
  • WLSDM able to get thread dumps when HOGGER or STUCK threads occurs
  • Use Thread Dump Viewer and visualize stack traces
  • Open thread dumps by using Thread Dump Analyzer
  • Search stack traces on Thread Dump Analyzer page
wlsdm weblogic thread dump analyzer
  • Connect to WebLogic WLST Console via WLST Web Console
  • Centralize and store WLST Scripts on WLSDM
  • Run WLST Scripts on "WLST Web Console" Page real fast
  • Autocomplete feature for WLST commands while typing on WLST Web Console
wlsdm weblogic wlst web console wlstonweb
  • Add any kind of script then schedule it. Add "Quartz Cron Jobs" and visualize WebLogic CRON operations
  • Add Downtime job and stop all WLSDM monitoring or notifications for the specified date/time interval automatically
weblogic monitoring: wlsdm scheduled job and downtime
  • WebLogic Health and State History
  • WebLogic Managed Server(s), Deployments, Data Sources and JMS Health and State Monitoring & Dashboard
  • WebLogic Managed Server(s), Deployments, Data Sources and JMS JMX MBean Metric Monitoring & Dashboard
  • Unlimited User-Defined JMX Metric Monitoring & Dashboard
  • JVM System Resources Monitoring: Heap, CPU
  • Log Monitoring & Notifications
  • Response Time Monitoring & Notifications
  • Back-end Systems Dashboard, Monitoring & Notifications
  • Profiling Dumps
  • User-Defined JMX Metric Actions
  • Metric Reports
  • Back-end System Reports
  • Log Viewer & Tailer
  • WLST Web Console
  • Thread Dump Analyzer
  • Decrypt & Encrypt Tool
  • WebLogic Domain Overview (Summary)
  • Domain Time-out Values Summary
  • JMX Metric Browser
  • JMX MBean Search
  • Email (SMTP) and Trap (SNMP) Notification Support
  • Customizable HTML Email Templates
  • Automated Data Archiving
  • Independent/Standalone Admin Server Monitoring
wlsdm weblogic console menu | weblogic monitoring tools

We call WLSDM as native WebLogic monitoring application…

... because it is. It's a WebLogic console extension.


No additional server, database, memory, CPU and operational cost is required!


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Increase your WebLogic and FMW domain performance then deliver L1/L2 operational excellence.
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WLSDM Screen Captures


Health Monitoring Dashboard

Notification Popup

Notification Popup

MBean Metric Browser

MBean Metric Browser

Log Inspector

Log Inspector



WebLogic Back-End Monitoring

WebLogic Back-End Monitoring

Server Dashboard

Server Dashboard

WLST Web Console

WLST Web Console

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WL-OPC Screen Captures

WLSDM | Central Health Dashboard for Oracle WebLogic

Central Health Dashboard

WLSDM | Central WLSDM Configuration Management for Monitoring Oracle WebLogic

Central WLSDM Configuration

WLSDM | WL-OPC Central Notification Dashboard All Notification Types for Oracle WebLogic

Central Notification Dashboard

WLSDM | WL-OPC Central WebLogic Monitoring Company Signature Best WebLogic Administrator

Company Signature

WLSDM | WL-OPC Compare WebLogic JVM Arguments Startup Parameters for Oracle WebLogic

Compare JVM Arguments

WLSDM | WL-OPC Notification Rule for Monitoring Oracle WebLogic

Notification Rule Engine

WLSDM | WL-OPC WebLogic Domain Asset Management Inventory

Domain Asset Management

WLSDM | WL-OPC WebLogic Domain Performance Manager Executive Report for Oracle WebLogic

Manager Executive Reports

Learn More: WLSDM White Paper

Learn More: WL-OPC White Paper

Installation & Help Documents

Quick Installation Guide

  1. Copy WLSDM to WebLogic $DOMAIN_HOME/console-ext
  2. Restart WebLogic admin server
  3. Open URL: http://$IP:$PORT/console/WLSDM

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