WLSDM: Native WebLogic Monitoring & Diagnostics


Contribute and Support WLSDM then Win FREE Enterprise Edition License

WLSDM is already FREE for developers and Developer Edition is fully functional. You can use WLSDM for free on "Development Mode" WebLogic domains. If you are a senior developer and produce/implement DevOps solutions; deliver your WebLogic application project with monitoring infrastructure to your customers. Follow this tutorial for "How to develop custom JMX MBeans?"  and "Implement custom WLSDM Monitoring Dashboard!" to complete your project. It is the ulimate and unique methodolgy for monitoring PRODUCTION systems.

If you want to win a free "WLSDM Enterprise Edition License" please follow these steps:

  1. Review WLSDM then let us know before posting it. Here are some reviews from valuable WebLogic Community people for your reference. It could be free format. You can review WLSDM in general, some specific features and pages or WLSDM modules/pages/functionalities you feel comfortable... etc.

    Author Title Link
    Radu Dobrinescu WebLogic Smart Dashboard and Monitoring – A Valuable Help for WebLogic Administrators https://medium.com/wlsdmforweblogic/...
    Dirk Nachbar A quick look on WLSDM for WebLogic Server http://dirknachbar.blogspot.com.tr/...
    Govindan Padmanaban About Smart WebLogic Server Monitoring and Diagnostic Tool – WLSDM https://medium.com/wlsdmforweblogic/...
    Govindan Padmanaban How to create a WLSDM Generic DevOps MBean https://medium.com/wlsdmforweblogic/...
    M.Fevzi Korkutata Monitoring Certificate Expiry Dates of a JAVA Keystore (.JKS)
    File in a WebLogic Domain (Shell Script, Scheduling, Alerting)

    We are encouraging you reviewing "Custom Actions" on WLSDM. It's quite for Senior WebLogic Administrators/Developers/DevOps!

  2. Share your review on your social accounts. We are also going to share and promote your review on our community portals and social accounts. This would be increase your reputation, too.

  3. Create at least 1 (one) topics/tickets on community portal. Can be WLSDM bug reports, monitoring or feature requests, problems about installation, information requests about usage, giving extra information about WLSDM product... etc.

  4. Add << WLSDM >> skill to your LinkedIn profile. (Optional)

That's all. We are not demanding too much. Interactive people and contributors already act like this. Any additional support and contributions are very WELCOME to us and WebLogic Community.

We would like to support your mission-critical WebLogic domains as we do like Oracle WebLogic application server and community.

Please fill the form and apply! We will review your application then get back to you with "FREE one year WLSDM Enterprise Edition License Key" for your PERSONAL usage.


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