WLSDM Pricing and Cost. Get quote and purchase now!

WLSDM Pricing and Cost. Get quote and purchase now!

Free for developers. Community edition is fully featured and FREE (*)


The TOTAL COST of OWNERSHIP is lower than a standard/ordinary hardware system PRICEs. Please remember, we are not going to put additional servers for your daily operations. We are offering a complete FMW monitoring, management, best-practices, performance improvement SOLUTION. WLSDM and WL-OPC project's output will decrease operational costs and down-time and will increase management capacity, know-how, FMW domain health.

Unique Advantages

  • WebLogic Domain based licensing (NOT server/machine based licensing)
  • 1 WebLogic Domain contains i.e. 100 Server/Machine = 1 WLSDM License
  • Best Oracle WebLogic Server Troubleshooting
  • Central L1/L2 FMW Domain Management: WL-OPC
  • WLSDM Oracle SOA Suite Module
  • WLSDM Oracle Service Bus (OSB) Module
  • Perpetual License and TCO is lower than Hardware Costs (No server required for WLSDM)

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WLSDM Customers | Allianz
WLSDM Customers | National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (NTCA)
WLSDM Customers | Shi
WLSDM Customers | concentrix
WLSDM Customers | Emerson
WLSDM Customers | Telefonica
WLSDM Customers | viva-energy-australia
WLSDM Customers | viva-energy-australia
WLSDM Customers | viva-energy-australia
WLSDM Customers | Pactiv
WLSDM Customers | Reynolds
WLSDM Customers | Aires
WLSDM Customers | canada-pspc
WLSDM Customers | alfabank
WLSDM Customers | Softline
WLSDM Customers | banco-bisa
WLSDM Customers | Turk Telekom
WLSDM Customers | ck-enerji
WLSDM Customers | bogazici-bedas
WLSDM Customers | camlibel-elektrik
WLSDM Customers | akdeniz-elektrik
WLSDM Customers | Oyak
WLSDM Customers | TOFAS
WLSDM Customers | Fiat Group
WLSDM Customers | KOC-ZER
WLSDM Customers | Vakıf Emeklilik | Türkiye Emeklilik
WLSDM Customers | Groupama
WLSDM Customers | IBB
WLSDM Customers | bogazici-perakende
WLSDM Customers | camlibel-perakende
WLSDM Customers | akdeniz-perakende
WLSDM Customers | izmir-gaz
WLSDM Customers | esgaz
WLSDM Customers | Telefonica Movistar
WLSDM Customers | Honeywell International Inc.
WLSDM Customers | Chelan County PUD (Public Utility District)

WebLogic Community References

  • The product support is excellent and unmatched...

    We have been able to increase our server uptime and stability by efficiently troubleshooting the issue root causes using WLSDM's diagnostic and monitoring features. Rather than reacting to platform-based issues, our team has become more proactive in detecting them early and fixing them before our customers can. The product support is excellent and unmatched.

    Soumya Prakash Mishra,
    Sr Oracle Fusion Middleware Admin & Technical Service Manager – Data Services & Integration Team,
    Emerson Electric Co
  • WLSDM is really a cool Monitoring Dashboard…

    WLSDM is really a cool Monitoring Dashboard, which is worth having a look... Under the Section Operational Tools & Utils you can find various helpful stuff like Log File Viewer, Thread Dump Analyzer, MBean Search, Decrypt -Encrypt and so on. My personal favorite is the WLST Web Console, here you can execute directly from your web browser WLST commands or execute WLST Python Scripts.

    Dirk Nachbar (Oracle ACE) Trivadis AG, Switzerland
  • I personally recommend using WLSDM…

    • Easy installation and configuration of thresholds and alerts for the essential metrics
    • File system historical data store, not available otherwise without products like EM Grid/Cloud Control
    • Integrated with the WebLogic administration console, modern and responsive interface

    Radu Dobrinescu (Fusion Middleware Specialist) Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH, Germany
  • Installation is easy…

    Installation is easy. It's nice that WLSDM does not have license for Developer servers. Install it on a DEV server to try other features, too. Comparing to WebLogic monitoring dashboard, WLSDM UI looks better! Decryption of data source passwords is nice.

    Christos Vezalis (Oracle Certified SOA, WebLogic and ADF Implementation Specialist) Nodalpoint Systems, Greece
  • I did the WLSDM installation in less than 5 minutes...

    I did the WLSDM installation in less than 5 minutes in my Oracle BPM domain parallel watching a movie on Netflix. That simple it is.

    Govindan Padmanaban, General Motors
  • Nice tool...

    Nice tool. Making WebLogic administration easier for none experienced users and offering additional services.

    Nasreddine Selmi, Coface
  • I learn new things on WLSDM tool for WebLogic...

    I learn new things on WLSDM tool for WebLogic. It is great news that WLSDM comes with Oracle SOA Support.

    Nagendra Reddy

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