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weblogic monitoring tools

weblogic monitoring tools

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weblogic monitoring tools

weblogic monitoring tools

1. Introduction

WLSDM is an enterprise “WebLogic console extension” which enables monitoring for WebLogic JMX MBean metrics and all the WebLogic domain assets (Health, Servers, Applications, Data Sources, JMS… etc.). It is very easy to create alarm and notification definitions by using WLSDM metric browser. WLSDM can store any WebLogic metric values historically and also can generate graphical reports.

WLSDM is a WebLogic Console extension and runs under WebLogic console on Admin server.

1.1. Important WLSDM Features

  • Deploy just in seconds
  • Responsive user interface
  • Responsive graphs
  • Configure domain monitoring with WLSDM setup wizard
  • Get alarms and notifications
  • Robust alarm generation infrastructure (Parametric alarm counter support)
  • Customize email templates according to your organization
  • Fancy and responsive ALERT and CLEAR emails (HTML)
  • Get CLEAR emails and notifications when problem disappeared
  • Create unlimited dashboards
  • Responsive health page for WebLogic domain assets
  • Monitor applications' response times
  • Monitor WebLogic logs by using WLSDM log inspector
  • Store WebLogic JMX metric values historically
  • Get JVM thread,heap dumps when a defined case occurred
  • Generate reports
  • Localize (language) and customize HTML emails’ content, subject, header… etc.
  • Customize and configure WLSDM settings (SMTP, Email content, Logging… etc.)

1.2. WLSDM Functionality and Easy Usage

By using WLSDM, there is no need to write WLST scripts for getting WebLogic MBean metrics and scheduling it. Let WLSDM take care everything. WLSDM can access any values on WebLogic console.

  1. Add metric monitoring by using WLSDM metric browser
  2. Enable monitoring and storing data
  3. Specify threshold values for the metrics
  4. Monitor values on dashboards with fancy graphs
  5. Get ALERT and CLEAR notifications instantly
  6. Access historical data and generate reports
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Oracle Weblogic Monitoring with WLSDM (Native WebLogic Monitoring Oracle Weblogic is one of the leading JavaEE application servers there is no need to integrate third party agent monitoring tool. Just follow WLSDM, then you will see there is no need to any other tool. You will save money and time with real solution WLSDM. WLSDM discovers and monitors application code running on Weblogic with WLDF and JMC. WLSDM provides deep visibility of how it executes through the JVM in production weblogic domains. This enables users to understand where latency is spent and how system resource like CPU and memory is consumed by an application. WLSDM and Weblogic Server Benefits: WLSDM is able to Monitor the performance and availability of your Weblogic Server Domain WLSDM Pro-actively alert Weblogic Server health and performance issues WLSDM Detect and Resolve Memory Leaks, Database Connection Leaks, CPU Leaks in Weblogic Server Troubleshoot and find root cause of application performance in minutes

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