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WebLogic Server Health Status: WLSDM Smart Dashboards


Smart Dashboards / Health (Static Dashboard)

WLSDM has an integrated health monitoring module. This module contains:

  1. Health Dashboard
  2. Health Changes Notifications via EMAIL and SNMP (Alert and Clear)

Health Dashboard

First, Health Dashboard doesn't needs an configuration. All module dynamically configured and built up by WLSDM

Health Dashboard can monitor:

  1. Servers State and Health
  2. Deployments State and Health
  3. Data Sources State and Health
  4. JMS State and Health
WebLogic Server Health Status WLSDM Smart Dashboards All Health And State

Email Notifications


Page Configuration

Via page configuration menu you can change:

  1. Server tile perline (min: 1, max:12)
  2. Monitoring tables (Deployments, Data Sources, JMS) per line (min: 1, max: 3)
  3. Show / hide monitoring tables
WebLogic Server Health Status: WLSDM Smart Dashboards Dashboard Page Config

If you don't want to notifications about an asset, just click to bell

WebLogic-Server-Health-Status-WLSDM-Smart-Dashboards-on-off-notifications-for-an-asset WebLogic-Server-Health-Status-WLSDM-Smart-Dashboards-on-off-notifications-for-an-asset-off

To turn ON / OFF all notifications:


To check out other features: wlsdm.com/download/

WLSDM is a WebLogic Server conslole extension. So we call it native monitoring.

WLSDM installation takes just minutes and completely free in WebLogic development mode! Try it now.

Download Latest WLSDM for WebLogic 11g, 12c and 14c

To your advice and questions: community.wlsdm.com

WebLogic Server Health Status: WLSDM Smart Dashboards. Easy, fast and responsive monitoring & diagnostic.

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