WLSDM: Native WebLogic Monitoring & Diagnostics


WLSDM Smart Dashboards


Smart Dashboards

  1. Health
  2. JVM System Resources
  3. Garbage Collection
  4. Servers
  5. Deployments
  6. Data Source
  7. JVM Servers

Health monitoring

WLSDM notifies user when health change.Notification page shows currently and historical health

Can Monitor
-Server Healths
-Datasource healths
-Deployment healts
-JMS Server healths

JVM System Resources

This dashboard is able to monitor physicalMemoryUsage and systemCpuLoad

Alarm set threshold and store data features are available on physicalMemoryUsage and systemCpuLoad metrics

JVM System Resources dashboard page has two display option: grid and chart

Deployments Dashboard Page

Available deployments metrics as below:

Instance DescriptionDescribes a servlet component (servlet context).

Deprecation of MBeanHome and Type-Safe Interfaces

This is a type-safe interface for a WebLogic Server MBean, which you can import into your client classes and access through weblogic.management.MBeanHome.

As of 9.0, the MBeanHome interface and all type-safe interfaces for WebLogic Server MBeans are deprecated.

Instead, client classes that interact with WebLogic Server MBeans should use standard JMX design patterns in which clients use the javax.management.

MBeanServerConnection interface to discover MBeans, attributes, and attribute types at runtime.>

  1. OpenSessionsCurrentCount:
  2. CompletedRequests
  3. PendingRequests
  4. StuckThreadCount

If StuckThreadCount > 0 users can view stuck threads as below

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