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Script types and usage

WLSDM generates a Dynamic MBean instance by using com.wlsdm.genericmbean.DevOpsMBean class and creates / populates its MBean attributes

by user-defined script output. All user-defined scripts are stored in the WLSDM database and each script works once for each selected server through monitoring frequency.

Each script / SQL statement has its own execution timeout and this value cannot be less than one second or cannot be

more than thirty seconds. (Recommended / Default value is five seconds)Generated DevOps MBean will be assigned to selected smart metric dashboard(s)

on the configuration wizard and chart(s) will be visible on its smart dashboard. These MBean metrics are alive like any other MBean attributes (WebLogic metrics i.e. OpenSocketsCurrentCount).

MBeans are the managed Java objects and they represent Java classes. A Java class cannot contain two or more attributes with the same name.

Script outputs are the source of MBean attributes. There two options to place script outputs in charts.

1.OS Executables:

2.SQL Script:

Sample SQL Script : Active sessions grouped by machine (Oracle Database)

                                    group by status
                                    order by 1

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