Frequently Asked Questions

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List of Questions

All the license models are lifetime and product fee is paid only once.

All the license prices are calculated for per WebLogic domain.

All support models are yearly and calculated for per domain.

License with 1 year of support are eligible to major upgrades for free. (i.e. From v2 to v3)

License without support are eligible to minor upgrades for free. (i.e. From v2.1.1 to v2.1.2)

License with 1 year of Support and Upgrades Covers:

  • Problems with installing the product
  • Problems with using the product
  • Help with general questions
  • Highest priority for support requests
  • Highest priority for bug fixes
  • Highest priority for requested features
  • Upgrade assurance for all minor upgrades
  • Upgrade assurance for major upgrades during the support period of 1 year

Standard License (Without support. Included with all purchases) Covers:

  • Problems with installing the product
  • Problems with using the product
  • Upgrade assurance for all minor upgrades
  • Upgrade assurance for major upgrades during the support period of 60 days

Our enterprise and standard license model and prices are listed above and the offers are very reasonable. We are ready to offer a great discount for multiple purchase. We would be happy to make a special campaign to our clients which have many WebLogic domains.

Our prices are very reasonable and we aware of our enterprise and unique WebLogic monitoring solution WLSDM. It’s designed for mission critical WebLogic domains and Advanced WebLogic administrators.

You can move forward your WebLogic team by using this tool and reach to zero error on your WebLogic domains. So, we encourage individual administrators applying us for the official offer.

Manual Purchase: Request for Offer (RFO)

Our supporting model is yearly and dedicated to per WebLogic domain. Remember, the license ownership is lifetime and we charge only major upgrades (i.e. from v2 to v3). All the other minor upgrades are free of charge.

SDLC never stops on WLSDM project and it’s for sure we have some minor issues at some times. All of them will be fixed immediately and solutions are available on the next release. It’s possible to create your own issue and problem on portal. We are ready to support all the users.

We are developing WLSDM project constantly and we like to to add new features. But we always keep main and core framework stable. If you want any feature to add the product, please open a ticket on community portal.

On the other hand, WLSDM Update/Upgrade is really easy.

  1. Update wlsdm.war file by replacing with new package.
  2. Update wlsdm_agent.jar file by replacing with new package.
  3. Restart managed server that wlsdm_agent.jar is deployed
  4. Restart Admin server.

YES, absolutely. You are going to love the customization and dashboard features.

It is possible;

  • Customizing all dashboards, adding unlimited dashboard
  • Editing and customizing all HTML Email templates according to your company/organization
  • Adding custom metric actions (i.e. WLST, .sh, .py, .cmd)

If you want any other customization, please let us know and give more details about it.

YES! You are at the right place.

We have additional Oracle FMW Monitoring modules. i.e. WLSDM-SOA module is activated automatically when you install it to a WebLogic SOA Suite domain.

All the other WLSDM FMW Monitoring modules are listed below and these modules need additional license for the activation. Please contact to us for these modules:

  • WLSDM-SOA Monitoring Module
  • WLSDM-OSB Monitoring Module
  • WLSDM-ADF Monitoring Module
  • WLSDM-IDM Monitoring Module
  • WLSDM-OFR Monitoring Module

Besides, by using “Configuration > JMX MBean Metric Browser & Settings” page it is possible;

  1. Creating unlimited dashboard (i.e. Add new dashboard and name it “Oracle B2B”)
  2. Add relevant “Oracle B2B” JMX metric instances by using metric browser and assign them to “Oracle B2B” dashboard
  3. Then assign your thresholds and other actions… etc.
  4. That’s it. You are ready to monitor your “Oracle B2B” console.
  5. We recommend an Advanced WebLogic admin to do it and give information about new alarms. The whole WLSDM system is parametrical.

This is a classical enterprise situation or problem for us. We have lots of customers which they found us via their WebLogic administrators, developers or managers. You can follow below path:

  1. Firstly, do your POC (Proof of Concept) with our evaluation licenses on your Production or Test environments. If you need any support, please post it on community portal.
  2. Then report the results to your manager and company’s purchase team.
  3. If the results is OK and you want to move forward your WebLogic team and increase applications’ service quality; then visit us again
  4. Finally, you can buy online or operate manual offer processes. For the manual purchase process please use:
    Manual Purchase: Request for Offer (RFO)
  5. All the online payments are via PayPal and it is completely secure. Our experience shows that, enterprise companies are familiar with the PayPal payment method by using company credit card.

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