I. License

The license agreement (EULA) can be found on wlsdm-license.html page which is located under "lic" folder.

II. Install in Two Steps

Windows / Linux / Unix / MAC OS X

Copy wlsdm.$version/war/wlsdm.war file to WebLogic domain's console-ext folder. Restart WebLogic domain's admin server then WLSDM will deploy automatically.

                          1. copy wlsdm.$version/war/wlsdm.war ${WEBLOGIC_DOMAIN_HOME}/console-ext/.
                          2. restart admin server
More detailed information about installation is available on the WLSDM help document. Go to WLSDM-HELP.html#2.Installation

III. Accessing WLSDM Console

After the installation, login to WebLogic admin console then WLSDM portlet will be visible under WebLogic domain structure.

Click "Smart Dashboard Console" on WLSDM menu.


Type WLSDM URL on browser's address bar for accessing directly.

http:// ${ADMIN_SERVER_IP} : ${PORT} /console/WLSDM

https:// ${ADMIN_SERVER_IP} : ${PORT} /console/WLSDM

IV. Documentation

Help is available

V. WLSDM Package Directory Layout

wlsdm.$version.zip file contains following directories and files:

war contains the wlsdm.war file which is the WebLogic console extension. wlsdm.war file is the main and only installation file.
docs contains the help documents for WLSDM
lic contains license information files. wlsdm-license.html and other 3rd party license information files

VI. Change Log


  • Thread dump action is added